2014 spring and summer wedding bridal headdress eight weeks tren

by orville

2014 spring and summer wedding bridal headdress eight weeks trend

The latest release of 2014 Spring New York wedding week, not only trendy beautiful wedding dress, and headdress is also fantastic.

Hairpin with veil

Exquisite decorative hairpin worn on the head alone is already very beautiful, with matching veil, looks more overall sense. Hairpin crystal pure white veil adds highlights.

Sense of style veil

Exaggerated form of the veil has a special fashion taste, not only to create a hazy image of the beautiful bride, but also create a high degree of effectiveness, especially for the image of the petite bride.

Pompon veil and elbow

Only to the elbow length veil short, to create a fluffy effect, but also the shape looks tender and lovely. Short paragraph with personalized wedding give us a neat and exquisite shaping image of bride.

3D modeling headdress

Three-dimensional geometric shape of the hair looks very interesting effect of post-modern enough personality of the bride may wish to try it.

Middle Eastern princess long veil

Long veil covering the face, head department wide ribbon, just like a princess image in the Middle East to be married, very exotic.

Thin chiffon ribbon

Transparent light chiffon ribbon and gently tied forehead, very romantic. They have beautiful beaded patterns or words expressing love, and also a very creative way to decorate your veil.

Irregular edge veil

Veil edge design begins with a new idea, you can make more beautiful the edge of the shape of the curve is undoubtedly the most popular type It welcomes, let the veil has also attracted more attention.

Fabric flower headdress

Pure white fabric flower white romantic, exaggerated shapes, big flower big flower decorated in cephalic, with ribbon styling, modern, and some retro flavor, very charming.

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